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Jean Laughlin

I've been singing for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was raised being brought to the set of the "Bob Crosby Show" where my mom was a regular. As a child I was often surrounded by some of the best musicians of our time. I was tremendously influenced by the jazz vocalists and musicians of the 40s and 50s, and to this day, their music plays in my heart. I started performing when I was quite young–on national television when I was 11–then throughout my high school years and college.

After college, where I majored in Speech & Drama, I settled in Chicago where I worked in recording studios doing work in television commercials, voice-overs, radio spots, and performing in live musical industrials, and cabarets. It is after I took a very long break from work, to raise my children, that I started writing songs.

I had returned to singing, was recording an album and found that, though I loved the standards that I had been exposed to all of my life, I wasn't able to fully express myself singing them. I started out slowly, including only one of my own songs on that first CD. I've tried to learn as much as I can, and have recorded exclusively my own songs since. It's been very cathartic for me, as well as a little frightening in that I'm exposing my personal feelings for all to hear, I do, however, feel blessed to be sharing my journey with you.

~ Jean

Jean released her first album–I'm Glad There Is You–in 1992. She wrote and produced Confessions of a Woman, released in 1996, Who Am I? in 1998, What Am I Looking For? in 2001, No Easy Way in 2007. Her latest CD–Miracle of Life–was released in March of 2012. Many of Jean's songs are receiving international radio airplay.

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Some Testimonials

“Jean's music grips me each time I hear one of her songs. I feel the emotion and passion coming out of her with her lyrics and melodies. The words are reality of someone who has experienced life’s up and downs. Jean is backed by some high power musicians and technicians to put out some of the highest quality music I have heard in a long time.”
~ Tim Taylor – Java Man

“Jean’s songs are like a self-help book put to music. I pop What Am I Looking for? in the CD player, turn it up, and dance around while I clean to jazzy affirmations such as Nobody's Perfect or Cry as Jean soothes the painful realities of watching my kids grow up in ‘Be A Man’. I call it my ‘Jean Therapy’.”
~ Teresa Matteson, Corvallis, OR

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